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Patient care and cost containment are of paramount importance in the healthcare industry. Sharp offers a wide array of high technology products that can be used in hospital reception areas, patient rooms, administrative offices, and teaching environments. Recognized as one of the leaders in document security, Sharp MFPs help ensure patient records are kept secure.

Sharp AQUOS BOARD® interactive display systems offer a complete digital solution for collaborative meetings, presentations, video conferencing, live data and interactive digital signage in a corporate setting. With this solution, healthcare organizations can communicate, collaborate and disseminate information in real-time, globally.

Where to Find Digital Signage in a School District

Digital signage has numerous benefits for a school district. Students from kindergarten through high school seniors, as well as school staff, can receive helpful and important messages, plus share information. Here are some examples.

IT Reference Guide

As an Information Technology professional, you are no doubt faced with a unique set of challenges that pull you in many different and often conflicting directions. For example, you are forced to do more with less—supporting disparate assets throughout the sprawling enterprise with maximum interoperability and minimal resources. Internal policies and government regulations impose strict requirements on protecting the confidentiality of your information. You also aspire to reduce the impact of your operations on the environment through reduced energy consumption and recycling.

AQUOS BOARD® Interactive Display: The Smart Alternative for Interactive Education

It’s often a challenge for educators to keep students engaged in the classroom. Sharp AQUOS BOARD interactive display systems are designed to enhance collaboration. In addition, open architecture of the AQUOS BOARD interactive displays seamlessly integrates with existing hardware and software investments. And, they are maintenance free. No bulbs to replace, no shadows and no warm-up/power down time. Download this handy flyer to see how AQUOS BOARD interactive display can optimize the classroom experience.

Comprehensive Approach to Communication Gives Community Healthcare Network an Edge

When Indianapolis-based Community Health Network (CHN) undertook a multi-year, network-wide innovation initiative, Sharp helped transform the healthcare provider’s communication processes, moving it away from paper-based communication methods and saving CHN more than $600,000 annually.